The notion that dogs and mail carriers are mortal enemies is pure fiction. Usually, dogs just bark their heads off when they see anyone near their homes. It’s not out of aggression. It’s their way of saying ‘hi’ and alerting their owner.

The postal worker in this story, specifically a UPS driver, proves yet again that kindness dispells stereotypes. When a puppy was abandoned in the middle of a busy roadway by a callous owner, anything could have happened. He could’ve been run over! He’s so tiny! And helpless!

Drivers could have been hurt swerving out of the way. This act wasn’t just cruel, it was reckless. Especially when there are plenty of places to safely bring an unwanted pet.

The UPS driver, Jason Harcrow, was on his way to his route when he saw a tiny Terrier dodging traffic. He quickly pulled his truck to the shoulder and tried to coax him over. The scared puppy then darted under the truck. Jason was able to get him out just as he was about to run away again. He loaded him into the vehicle and drove to the local police station in Hughson, California.

The police then took the puppy to the animal shelter. They named the pup Biscuit, then had the vet check him over. The puppy was in good health despite the ordeal. Jason said he would have gladly adopted the puppy but he already had a dog and wasn’t sure they would get along.

Biscuit’s story made the news and with shares all over social media, he quickly got adopted by a kind human, who renamed him ‘Ernie.’

While Ernie’s abandonment is NOT acceptable, we are so happy he is safe, unharmed and with a loving family now. Sometimes these cruel acts are a blessing. Had he stayed with the family who didn’t want him, who knows what could have happened to him!! Thank you to all who helped Ernie, especially Jason Harcrow!

Remember if you cannot keep a pet, for whatever reason, do the right thing and bring him/her to a shelter or call your local rescue! Abandonment is NEVER the answer!