Blake, an 8-month-old Goldendoodle, knows how to bowl. And it’s as crazy as it sounds! At just 12 weeks old, he was taught by his owner, Katelyn “Kt” Simpson, and he caught right on. Katelyn was a member of the bowling team at Pikeville University in Kentucky and made the USA Junior National team in 2015, so she was naturally a fit to show her dog the ropes! 🙂

Source: Haley Kramer KBOI/Facebook

“I think his high game is, like, a 93,” Katelyn said. “He gets strikes every once in awhile, pretty good spare shooter.”

It didn’t take long for Blake to become a star at the local and family-owned KT’s Lanes.

Source: Haley Kramer KBOI/Facebook

“So, we just put the ball on top of the ramp and we held a treat, like, above the ball,” Katelyn continued. “We’re like, come on, you know, kind of helped him, showed him a couple times, just pushed the ball with his arms and he caught on and just started doing it on his own.”

Who would’ve thought? Blake is one talented dog, and he’s now showing off that talent to the world! 🙂