Kellar the dog can run, play fetch, retrieve a ball, bring it back to his mom, and drop the ball on command. Kellar sounds like a lot of dogs, and in many ways, he is, except for the fact that he is blind. This is one dog video you have to see to believe.

Source: YouTube


The rambunctious 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel is so resilient and so ball obsessed that there’s no stopping him when his owner invites him to play a game of fetch. Though he was born completely blind, that doesn’t prevent him from playing. He uses basic commands in order to find his coveted ball.

Kellar starts out the fun when his mom asks, “Can I have it?” and “Are you ready?” In true Spaniel fashion, he does a bit of a happy dance and eagerly awaits the game to begin. But wait, there’s more. When asked, “You gonna’ listen,” the dog actually listens for the direction of the ball.

Source: YouTube

Commands such as” turn around,” “hot,” and “cold” help this smart dog find his ball, pick it up and retrieve. Plenty of praise with “good boy” is tossed in to keep him good and happy.

Kellar gets a major round of a-paws as an unsung hero of the canine world who overcomes adversity. You have to watch this video and see this dynamo in action.