Two kittens were rescued when they were just three weeks old with eyes that were severely infected and hadn’t developed correctly.

They were taken in by Jacksonville Humane Society in Florida, but staff was unsure they’d survive. After receiving round-the-clock care and lots of TLC, the kittens made a miraculous recovery.

Weeks later, the kittens were just as healthy and active as any other normal cat. While they were blind, they were still able to get around just fine by using their other senses, which became heightened.

They lived with a foster until they found forever homes. One of them was adopted, while the other kitten, Lime, was still waiting for someone to love her.

A woman named Bryanna Rosario from Miami, Florida had a rescue kitten named Lemon, who was also blind. Sadly, he passed away from a heart condition, and Rosario missed him dearly.

But when she saw a picture of Lime, she was taken aback. She had reminded her so much of Lemon. Not only were they both blind, but they both had the same color coat too.

Lime (left) and Lemon (right)
Bryanna Rosario via LoveMeow

Rosario decided to make the ten-hour road-trip to meet Lime. When she first held her, it was a very emotional moment for Rosario. She felt as if Lemon had sent Lime her way. It was truly meant to be!

Without hesitation, Rosario adopted Lime and brought her home. Lime loved her new home and followed Rosario everywhere. Lime is doing great and doesn’t know she’s any different from other cats.

She even made friends with Rosario’s other pets – two dogs and two cats. But one of them really found a special place in Lime’s heart: a rescue dog named Letty.

They immediately took to each other and started playing together. Now they sleep curled up next to each other and never leave each other’s side. If Letty is not near Lime, Lime will cry out until she’s back. Letty loves Lime just as much and even gives her her toys to play with.

These two have the perfect friendship. Lime keeps Letty company while Letty gives Lime a sense of comfort and confidence! Lime may only be able to see darkness, but Lime has definitely helped her see the light in life!

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H/T to Love Meow for the story.