A man out to have some winter snow sporting fun found himself lost in a blizzard, doomed to die if help did not arrive soon. The man was able to survive in the bitter, snowy conditions by cuddling his dog close for warmth.

The ordeal took place in Edinburgh, Scotland. The splitboarder was able to raise the alarm on his cell phone and dial 999 (emergency). Inside his survival bag were essentials, and by his side was his Labrador Retriever crossbreed.

Source: BBC News

While out in the cold, the man became disoriented and surely would have perished in what some are calling “a real blast of Scottish winter” conditions.

The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) faced quite the task in attempting to locate the guy. His initial phone call to them was garbled and they could not get a strong enough cell signal to get his exact location.

Source: BBC News

Thanks to a second phone call, they were able to find the position and send the team right to him.

Team leader for the MRT, Willie Anderson, told the Edinburgh News, “It was really bad weather but we got to him. He was very cold, probably in the early stages of hypothermia. He hadn’t had a lot to eat so his energy was low. The dog helped keep him warm, the dog was absolutely fine.”

As the team carefully climbed the area to access the man, they had to be careful of avalanche slopes. A joyful tweet went out, stating, “Missing person and dog located and being walked off the hill. CMRT parties returning to base.”

Source: Cairngorm MRT/Twitter

Both the man and his dog are safe and well, thank goodness.