The West York Borough Police Department added a new member to their squad: a Bloodhound pup named Prince.

Prince has joined their missing child task force, the York County Child Abduction Response Effort, and was sworn in as a K-9 detective during a courtroom ceremony in Spring Garden Township. He is taking over the job from Lou, another Bloodhound who has retired.

Officer’s swear in by putting their hands on a bible, and this was no exception. Prince placed his paw on the bible while the judge asked him if he swears or affirms. He then hands him a treat to make things official.

Prince’s handler, Officer Scott Musselman, absolutely adores Prince and the two of them work side-by-side, as well as live together. While Prince is goofy and energetic at home, he knows how to separate work from play and takes his job very seriously.

After he was sworn in, Prince spent the following year training with Summit Search and Rescue, where he learned how to trail live scents. Dogs have a unique ability to track and detect things that humans can’t.

Prince’s sense of smell is 40 times more sensitive than that of a human’s, making him much more capable of finding missing people. And according to Officer Musselman, Prince’s sense of smell, as a Bloodhound, is nearly double that of other dogs.

Prince was only 13 weeks old when he first started the job, but he has grown much larger since then. Now, nearly a year and a half since he started, Prince has done much more than search for missing people. He also visits schools to teach kids about the police department and his important job there.

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