This is one of those animal friendship stories that we’re super excited to bring to you today. Meet Blossom and Minnow, the most unlikely of friends, who fill out hearts with joy and hope!



Blossom the turkey was rescued from a meat factory farm when she was just 5-weeks-old. A farm worker saw her hiding from the move to the “grow house”, where she would be fattened up.

The worker took pity on Blossom and brought her to Abbie Hubbard at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Abbie took her in and Blossom spent the next few days at the shelter’s office.



That’s when Abbie had an idea. She took Blossom home to meet her dog, Minnow, who was herself rescued from a meat farm in Seoul, South Korea. The two hit it off famously! Blossom found incredible comfort in Minnow’s friendship, and Minnow couldn’t get enough of her new best friend!



The two are like peas in a pod. They love watching the world from the window and sharing snacks. But in true sibling style, they also quarrel and get upset with each other from time to time. But they always make up over a nice snack and are back to being best friends.



When Blossom grew up, Abbie thought she would be better off at a turkey sanctuary with other turkeys. But when Blossom was shifted to the sanctuary, she began to protest. She couldn’t bear to be away from Minnow, and sat on the same spot for three whole days!



Her protest was successful, as Abbie just couldn’t bear breaking Blossom’s heart like this. So, she brought Blossom back home. Blossom lives with Minnow and Abbie fulltime now and isn’t going anywhere!

Click the video below to watch this super-cute friendship between dog and turkey!