*Images and content may be disturbing to some readers, discretion is advised

We will never understand the callous nature of people who harm animals. There is no excuse, even animals destined for slaughter should be treated humanely. In parts of Asia, even where it is illegal, dogs are still consumed for food. The slaughterhouses are run in back alleys to avoid detection. How they operate is simply barbaric.

This story is tragic. However, one animal rescuer proved that with love, anything is possible. A slaughterhouse ’employee’ separated a pregnant dog from the pack. Then he did the unthinkable. Without going into too much horrific detail, he killed the mother dog and cut her babies out. One was still alive. He took the surviving pup and threw her out into a puddle, and left her to die.

The animal rescuer heard about what happened and came as quickly as he could. He knew helping the premature puppy would be an uphill battle but he couldn’t just let her lie there and die. He picked her up and brought her to his home. He had a friend come over with puppy formula and bottles. He would have to feed her around the clock.

He named the baby “Blu” and loved to call her his little angel.

The rescuer didn’t mind waking up at all hours by her little cries. He kept her warm and fed her. The next day, he brought her to the veterinarian. The vet gave him bleak news. The puppy was so young and premature that it was unlikely she would survive. BUT… this was his opportunity to teach others about the cruelty of the dog meat trade. Blu could be an advocate.

Blu didn’t just become an advocate; she became an inspiration. The rescuer’s friends heard all about her and came over to meet her. They were amazed by her tenacity. They also were horrified to learn about her birth. This motivated them as well!

The rescuer’s friends, who never got involved before, were inspired. They joined him in the fight to close down the slaughterhouses.

To this day, towns in China still hide this dark secret. In smaller villages, the laws aren’t even enforced, if they have them in the first place. The dog meat trade continues. Little lives like Blu’s are lost every single day.

While, yes, it is easier if we turn a blind eye and remain blissfully unaware– however, that does nothing to help animals in need.

Raise your voices for dogs like Blu. Animal abuse will not be tolerated! The dog meat trade needs to end! And the callous butchers who continue to operate to pad their pockets MUST be held accountable.

Our part is to continue to share these stories and talk about what is still going on! Every animal matters, whether they are in this country or another part of the world!

Just as the butchers intended, Blu eventually lost her battle. She got very sick and the rescuer felt it was inhumane for her to suffer. She painlessly died in her rescuer’s arms (NOT PICTURED!)

Blue is now officially an angel. The rescuer continues to fight in her honor. Blu has reunited with her mother on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Bless you, Baby Blu.

If you would like to view the story in its entirety, click here but we must warn you that the details are upsetting and discretion is advised.