For Owen Lima, the past 40 years of his tumultuous life have been marked with struggles related to a traumatic brain injury. Over the last few years, the poor man managed to find some stability with the help of his loyal service dog, Blue. With Blue by his side, Owen was able to regain mobility and live a considerably better life.


Source: Lowe’s Canada/Facebook


With his newfound independence, Owen was sure that he could find a job and be a productive member of the society. But sadly, no one wanted to hire a man who needed a service dog to get by. However, after almost a decade of facing rejection by employers, Owen finally found his dream job!

When Owen applied for a customer service position at “Lowe’s Canada”, he clearly mentioned that he and his service dog would be a package deal. Without any discrimination, the store management screened through all the applications and eventually decided to appoint both Owen and Blue!


Source: CTV Regina


As Owen started his job, the store manager, Paolo, got a customized store uniform tailored for Blue. Even so, no one expected Blue and his dad to be a such great hit with customers! The impressed locals praised the management for giving a disabled man a chance to get on his feet, and they also love engaging with Blue whenever they visit the store.


Source: CTV Regina


After living miserably as a “second-class citizen”, Owen finally feels accepted and purposeful with his new life. The sweet man can barely contain his happiness on being treated like a “normal” person and not an inferior disability case. We’re so happy for him! Good luck, Owen and Blue!

Click the video below to watch how the new job changed Owen and Blue’s life!