A woman on vacation in Greece would always notice a stray dog chasing cars on the beach she hung around. The dog desperately longed for human touch. One day, this dog came running to the woman. She decided to give him a chance and called him Blue.


Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube


The woman realized that the overflowing stray population and the shelters’ strained resources often led to the prioritization of sick, skinny or abused animals. This is why relatively healthy strays like Blue never made it to the shelters nor got adopted.

The kind woman became even more determined to help the vulnerable Blue break free from the shackles of a cold, lonely life on the streets. She asked a charity she volunteered for to help Blue get into a foster home.


Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube


Blue eventually ended up in a forever home in Holland. In a fateful turn of events, her new parents discovered Blue’s natural abilities as a therapy dog and enrolled her into training to become a registered service dog! We wish her good luck as she fulfills her special destiny!


Source: Blue Bayou/Facebook


Update: We’ve come to know that Blue successfully completed her training and has just begun her work as a therapy dog. She’s quite skilled at her job, as her life as an abandoned stray has gifted her with the natural instinct to seek out and help needy people. What a sweet ending!

Click the video below to watch Blue’s beautiful journey of finding a place she could call home!