When a beloved pet goes missing, the heart aches until their return. Sometimes that isn’t even possible, but of course, we always pray that their return is the outcome. For one pet owner, when his 11-year-old dog went missing, which happened every now and again, he never thought he wouldn’t come back.

Bosco always had an adventurous side. The Beagle-Coonhound mix has the hunting genes in his DNA. Both breeds are known for their keen abilities to sniff out prey, and running off is certainly common. But Bosco always came back. He’d never wander too far. That is, until one day Bosco didn’t return home.

Bosco’s owner was devastated when he didn’t return. He frantically looked for Bosco everywhere. He put up ‘Lost Pet’ posters and kept checking missing pet boards. He also contacted police and animal shelter.

Months passed by and there was no sign of Bosco. Bosco’s owner prayed that Bosco was somehow alive and being cared for. Then Bosco’s owner had to move away. He was scared he would never find Bosco now!

Old friends promised they would continue to keep an eye out and if anything turned up, they would call him. Bosco’s owner left Rhode Island and started his new life in a new city in Colorado. Time went by and he pretty much convinced himself that Bosco was never coming home.

Despite three horrific snowstorms in a row in the Rhode Island town, Bosco’s owner still prayed the dog would be okay. Bosco had to be alive and out there somewhere.

Now two years later, Bosco’s owner’s heart still held on. He just had this feeling in his gut that his dog was still out there.

That’s when he got a call from a cop that spotted Bosco. Bosco is alive! Can you believe it?

That is when the sweetest thing happened! A friend offered to pick up the dog from the shelter and when she called Bosco’s owner and Bosco heard his master’s voice, he began to howl. He recognized his voice and tried to tell him how much he missed him.

Getting Bosco back to his owner proved difficult. Due to lack of money, traveling from Colorado to Rhode Island to pick up Bosco would be tricky. That is when friends of the owner and dog decided to start a fundraiser so the two could be reunited. Both dog and owner are so loved! Even strangers pitched in!

Bosco made his way back to his owner and when they laid eyes on each other, Bosco’s owner cried. At first, Bosco, older and certainly overwhelmed, was a bit confused and that is when his owner remembered he often called Bosco by his nickname, ‘Dude.’

As soon as Bosco heard ‘Dude’, he immediately knew this was the man he’d been waiting for, for two whole years! Bosco knew he was finally with his family and everything would be okay. Two years had gone by, but that love has never faded. Amazing!

Click the video below to see the entire story. Don’t forget to grab a tissue first!