Whoever named this dog Chaos knew what they were doing; maybe they had seen this pooch’s morning routine. Because Chaos this talented and cute and ridiculously lazy boxer has the weirdest morning ritual we’ve seen in dogdom.

Chaos is just 16 months old, and we have to wonder how long he came up with this routine. It begins with a decision that going down the stairs like a normal dog just isn’t worth the effort. Why bother when you can slither down the steps as if you had no spine? On the landing, Chaos pauses for some healthy morning stretches (always a wise exercise tip for dogs and humans alike), before finishing off the slitherfest.

While the ritual doesn’t vary much, you can see that there are some days when Chaos wears himself out after that first exhausting slither, and he has to recuperate on the landing. He just lies there, getting his breath back so he can complete his arduous journey. In fact, if check out the video at the 1:35 mark, when Chaos’s dad clearly says something to him, because the dog suddenly looks up at the camera as if to say, “What? I’m routining here!” And only after Dad takes a few steps toward him does Chaos continue.

And if you want to see his pre-slither pose, skip to 2:39; he looks like an Olympic swimmer about to dive into the pool for a world record lap!

If Chaos is too lazy to make it down the stairs like a normal dog in the morning, We can only imagine what he does at the end of a long day at the park! Still, we have to admire his ingenuity. And you know what? Those stairs probably feel great! It’s almost like he’s giving himself a morning massage… and that’s genius!

How does your dog walk down the stairs?