There’s no more helpless feeling in the world for a dog owner than when a beloved pet goes missing. Even when trying your absolute best to avoid this, accidents can happen. It’s a devastating thing knowing your dog is out there somewhere fending for itself. As more time passes, the scarier it gets. And for a boy named Rocco, this feeling became all too familiar.

Rocco’s rescue dog, Jack, had gone missing over eight months ago, and the boy didn’t know what to do. Life felt empty without his best friend, and they were running out of options and time. But on this day when Jack showed up at his owner’s door, the ultimate reunion took place.

Rocco was in the house when he was called to come outside. And that’s when he saw Jack. The tears started rolling down the boy’s cheeks, and he hugged the dog to the ground in disbelief and joy. If this doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, you may want to check your pulse. šŸ˜‰