Playing fetch is something that gives most dogs a natural high. Their level of drive and motivation to retrieve random sticks is no joke! While most dogs use short and sturdy sticks to play fetch, the goofy dog in this story has some very eccentric preferences!


Source: DaveFrancis/Pixabay


Bramble the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has always been fascinated with unique fetch sticks. Whenever Dad takes her out for a field adventure, this sweet dog makes sure she collects some interesting sticks to play fetch with. But one day, she went a bit too far with her stick selection!


Source: koldun_boo/Rumble


In this video, we see Bramble running to Dad with a gigantic tree branch in her mouth. The branch oscillates as she moves, but she seems to be having no trouble balancing and carrying her huge treasure. She is brimming with excitement as she proudly shows off her exotic find to Dad, while totally hoping that he would use it to play fetch with her!


Source: koldun_boo/Rumble


When it comes to sticks, Bramble obviously believes in “bigger is better”! She is a strong little overachiever who knows she’s being a good girl by bringing the massive stick home. We’re in love with this adorably silly Staffy!

Click the video below to watch Bramble showing off her brand new treasure to Dad!