Recently, a veterinarian and his staff took to social media to warn pet parents of a potential danger lurking in their homes. The danger is significant for two reasons:

1. The product is extremely toxic


2. Dogs can’t get enough of it

A Jack Russell, the vet’s patient, got ahold of a bottle of Gorilla Glue. It was as if the glue was as attractive as a T-bone steak. The dog swallowed much of the glue’s contents and then chewed up the bottle. As it went through her system, it adhered to her stomach lining and then hardened.

The scariest of all: just a few tiny drops would’ve been enough to seal up the dog’s esophagus, suffocating her completely.

But she ate most of the bottle. AND- Quickly!

video source

The staff from Brandon Animal Hospital posted a photo as well as a warning on Facebook:

“We had a Jack Russell come in that had chewed a bottle of gorilla glue. She had vomited a few times and the owners found the chewed up bottle.

Apparently, it has a sweet smell/taste dogs like. Doc had to go in and it had basically made a mold of her stomach and doc had to break it up to get it out.

She is doing great after surgery, eating and drinking normally.

Wikimedia Commons

Be careful where you store your gorilla glue or any glue. Just be sure it is put up after use.”

Photo of hardened glue/video source

If you own this product, ALWAYS keep it out of reach, locked away from clever paws and keen noses. Share this post with family and friends, it could save lives!