Babies love to have someone sing them a lullaby when they just can’t fall asleep. Dogs are the same way, as country crooner Brett Eldredge proves in his latest Facebook video.

Edgar Boogie is Eldredge’s beautiful chocolate Labrador Retriever pup. The bond of love between the duo is evident on the singer’s Facebook page.

Source: Facebook/Brett Eldredge

Thankfully, someone took a video of the moment so fans of the singer and dogs alike could cherish the sweet serenade. The dog is so relaxed and at peace, that he closes his eyes. His dad sneaks a kiss in for good measure.

Edgar is giving his dad some social media competition. The popular pooch has over 228,000 Instagram followers. His profile states, “I’m weirder than my dad.”

Source: Instagram/Edgar Boogie

Kick back, relax, and turn the volume up to listen to Brett sing a lovely lullaby to Edgar in the video below. Sweet dreams, sweetie!