A 10-pound dog named Brighton suffered the most unreasonable act of cruelty at the hands of a meter reader. Mom Briony Scott believes that the meter reader unnecessarily pepper-sprayed Brighton for barking, when all that he needed to do was shut the gates and walk away.


Source: KPRC 2 Click2Houston/YouTube


In this video, Briony explains that the protective Brighton always barks at strangers but never bites. The meter-reader didn’t have to cross the yard where Brighton was playing with her siblings. He could have easily ignored Brighton’s harmless barks and went about his way. But instead, he brutally pepper-sprayed her when she was clearly not a threat.

Brighton immediately started hyperventilating as she suffered a severe allergic reaction to the pepper spray. Her eyes got swollen-shut along with her entire left side. Thanks to timely medical aid, Brighton recovered in a few days.


Source: KPRC 2 Click2Houston/YouTube


This incident left Briony with a bitter taste in her mouth and she reached out to “Entergy”, the energy company, for answers. As it turns out, the meter reader in question was not an Entergy employee but a hired help from “Olameter”. Briony hopes that the concerned employee is reprimanded and coached on animal safety. Let’s known that such acts of cruelty shall not be tolerated.

Click the video below to watch how Brighton got ambushed by the meter reader.