FOX WTVT’s meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was filming a weather segment are his Tampa Bay home, when he was unexpectedly, yet adorably interrupted.

His Golden Retriever, Brody, was feeling hungry, and jumped up to beg his dad for some snacks. When he jumped up, he accidentally hit the computer with his head, which turned the map off.

“The map’s not gonna move because he just whacked the computer with his head, so let me just verbalize the forecast, OK?” Dellegatto said in the footage, as he tried to continue his forecast.

Dellegatto then finished the forecast while Brody sat on his lap and let out a big yawn, as if to say his segment was boring him.

Brody then disappears from the camera’s view, but he certainly isn’t done sabotaging his dad’s segment. Brody’s head then pops up super close to the camera, getting into the final shot.

Brody sure knows how to be the star of the show!

Watch for yourself below: