Police in Alamo, Georgia, has a strange case of a dead dog’s body on their hands. The case is harrowing, and the latest development is another bizarre piece of an ongoing puzzle.

The dog’s mutilated body was found in his owner’s front yard, and the police came to take it away. Police Chief Roger Bryant gave the body to Preston “Pep” James, who works for the city, and asked him to bury it.

Source: WTOC

“I asked Pep to go ahead and take it off and bury it,” Bryant said. “I got the forms and everything as quickly as I could, to take it to the vet. I was going to take it to the vet and let them send it off for a necropsy. I got that form, and when I got that form, the dog wasn’t there. (James) never put it in the dirt. He just left it on top of the dirt, and we don’t know where the dog is.”

Bryant was asked why he didn’t send the body to a lab for examination but he did not realize Georgia had a lab to do that. He also isn’t clear why asking James to bury the body is suspicious.

“I need to know where my dog is. How the he** did you lose my dog?” the dog’s owner, Karen Sapir, said. “My dog is dead. How did you lose a dead dog?”

Source: WTOC

Bryant also changed his story as to where he thinks the dog died. He first said he didn’t know but then said he knows the dog wasn’t killed on the owner’s property. He thinks another animal could have done it but remains open that a person or persons killed it.

According to StewardshipReport, Sapir is an Israeli citizen, and Guardians of Rescue want to determine if she was the victim of a hate crime.

“Seeing the pictures of that dog skinned is one of the most disturbing things to see, and I have seen a lot in my career as an undercover FBI agent,” shared Jack Garcia, director of investigations at Guardians of Rescue. “We cannot let the person who did this get away with it. We will do everything we can to investigate this and bring the person to justice who is responsible.”

Source: WTOC

A $5,000 reward is being offered for “information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible” of the dog’s death.

Our condolences go out to Brownie’s family on their loss.