Everyone loves a playful pup. They’re silly and fun-loving at heart, but they can really benefit from Mom or Dad showing them how it’s truly done. Mom and Dad know best, after all! Sonny the French Bulldog is in the mood to play, so what better time to teach his puppies than right now? šŸ™‚

The six-week-old Frenchie pups are all riled up and ready to go, so Dad takes advantage and pounces. The one little pup seems to go grab his brothers and sisters to bring them in on the fun, and then it’s really on!

The Dad proceeds to take turns staring down each of his pups and chasing them around the kitchen. The little ones are still being house trained, so the dogs are running around on house training paper. This only heightens the sounds of their little paws pitter-pattering across the floor as they run. The whole video is just to die for ā€” watch it below! šŸ™‚