Little puppies are always high on energy as they never seem to get enough of fun and games. The tiny English Bulldog puppy in this video is especially keen on playing with his mom and dad. So he tries every possible move to foil his parents’ nap and get them to play with him!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

In this video, we see the Bulldog parents cozily snoring away in bed. After all the parenting business, they do deserve a good nap. But the sprightly little Bulldog doesn’t understand why his parents insist on sleeping when they can play with him instead. So he adorably crawls up to his mom and starts pestering her to wake up!

The Bulldog parents are resting deep in their slumber, so they ignore the puppy’s pleas. At this, the puppy gets heavily frustrated and starts biting the bed and head-butting mom! He expresses his anger with his cute growls, and starts stomping the ground in all his wrinkly glory!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

In the background, we can see the puppy’s older French Bulldog sibling, who witnesses the puppy’s hissy fit with marked patience. He gently nudges the puppy to drop his anger and play with him instead. This works, as the puppy jumps on his Frenchie brother and starts frolicking around with him. Looks like the smart Frenchie saved the day!

Click the video below to watch the English Bulldog puppy’s bratty antics with his mom & dad!