There is absolutely no better feeling on earth than knowing you are loved, and when you have a pet like Hank, there’s no doubting it! Hank is a bulldog who makes sure his mom and dad know how much he adores them. When they’re gone, he stands lookout in his spot in the sun, on the back of the couch peering out a window, where he has prime viewing territory for their car to return.

And when he sees them, well, it’s game on. Hank wiggles his butt like a hula dancer, shaking back and forth uncontrollably. And once they walk in the door, he morphs into a linebacker, tackling them immediately.

With his mama, he even bears gifts, bringing her a shoe, for example. But his reaction with her is mild compared to what he delivers when his daddy comes home. It’s a slobber-filled kissing fest, right down on the floor, where Hank gives as good as he gets. He shows his overwhelming affection and gets hugs in return.

It’s clear, Hank and both of his parents don’t like being separated, but the homecomings are worth every second they’re apart.

Special thanks to The Dodo for sharing this video that oozes love!