There’s nothing like a day spent outdoors playing in the snow. If your dog is a lover of wintertime activities, imagine all the memories you can create together. Just ask Camilla the Bulldog about her adventures in the snow.

Source: Rumble

You probably heard about dogs who like to walk in snow or even eat snow, but how many dogs do you know who roll all around on their backs in the snow?! That’s exactly what this beautiful Bulldog does! Thank goodness someone was smart enough to capture her antics on video for all the Internet to see.

It looks like the dog is having a fun day with her pack on a hill, perhaps just taking in the sights. She just about slides down the hill because the snow feels oh so good on her back.

If you look closely enough, you can see another dog watching the hilarious Bulldog as he overlooks from the top of the hill. Maybe he wants to try this rolling maneuver next?

Source: Rumble

Here’s your daily dose of fun thanks to Camilla the Bulldog. Just press play below for winter smiles!