The Knight family took their baby daughter to visit the San Diego Zoo when they caught a beautiful moment on video.

A blue butterfly just happened to land on their baby’s head, and the baby didn’t even seem to notice. For what lasted an entire minute on camera (and probably even longer off-camera), the butterfly sat atop the baby’s head, while her parents watched in amazement.

The baby looked around and even flashed a little smile at one point, but she still let the butterfly stay where it was.

After a few moments, the butterfly spread her wings and showed everyone how bright and stunning she was. She quickly became the most magical hat ever! The Knights couldn’t help but laugh and smile at this amazing moment!

According to Rainforest Alliance, they are one of the largest butterflies in the world, measuring around six inches long with a wing span of up to eight inches.

Luckily the Knights’ run-in with this beautiful creature was caught on video for all of us to see. Watch below: