Being in the right place at the right time is exactly the folks at Animal Aid Unlimited recently experienced. As the rescuers were driving down the road, they noticed something laying on its side. On closer look, it was a baby calf, very ill, emaciated, and too weak to move.

They immediately got to work, picking the calf up and taking her for medical attention. On their Facebook page, Animal Aid wrote, “She must have walked until she was too weary to stand anymore. Or maybe her mother had died and the owner didn’t want to pay for milk.”

Source: YouTube

After giving her the name Merry, veterinarians administered IV fluids and milk since the calf was severely dehydrated. Too weak to move, four days passed before Merry attempted to stand up.

Day five proved to be lucky, as she started walking around to examine the barn in which she was housed.

Source: YouTube

“She needed lots of physical contact which was lovingly provided by staff and volunteers. And she blossomed into the beautiful girl she is. . .  Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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