“Canine CellMates” is a foundation that dedicates itself toward the betterment of society. They help prison inmates reform themselves with the help of shelter dogs. Their reform initiative was tested in Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, and the results are more than promising!


Source: Canine CellMates/Facebook


Under this program, the shelter dogs live as the prisoners’ cellmates for 2 months. The inmates train these dogs for forever homes during this time, which in turn teaches the inmates to value responsibility and be accountable for another life.

Over the months, many inmates have formed an inseparable bond with their assigned dogs. Authorities have noticed a steep drop of 50 percent in the rate of violent outbursts among the prisoners. The best part is that the inmates have started picturing their lives as law-abiding, productive members of the society again!


Source: Canine CellMates/Facebook


One of the most inspiring beneficiaries of this program is John Dolan and his Pit Bull, George. Before meeting George in prison, John was a vagrant drug-addict with no purpose in life. But today, John has turned his life around as an artist. He believes that George is his motivating force that helps him stay clean and out of prison.


Source: John Dolan and George the Dog/Facebook


A lot of prison inmates are just misguided, deprived souls who are finally hoping to rebuild their lives with the help of the unconditional love of dogs. What a noble project! We wish these inmates good luck on their path to redemption. This is how important dogs are for society! Get the word out.

Click the video below to watch how these dogs become a linchpin for the reformed inmates!