Life can be incredibly harsh for anyone living on the streets. For animals who cannot do much for themselves, it is a heartbreaking scenario. In many countries strays run rampant and there aren’t enough people who care to help nor have the resources to do so.

Cold temperatures, rain, and snow make life even more difficult for these innocent animals. For one dog who was gravely injured and unable to move, a rainstorm threatened her life. Like humans, dogs can also die from hypothermia. Her leg was badly hurt and swollen, she just sat there crying in a dirty puddle as the rain continued to come down.

A woman with a wonderful heart finally arrives. She sees the poor girl in distress. The rescuer, named Carina, scoops her up and puts her into her warm vehicle. After drying her down with a towel, Carina tries to give her some food but she refuses to eat. Her temperature is still dangerously low.

Back at the rescue center, the dog, now named Liberty, is given a thorough exam. She has all of the symptoms for distemper but luckily she tests negative. Still, she has nasal and eye discharge. Liberty is given a warm bath. Carina prays that Liberty will do better now that she’s warmed and clean.

After her blood work comes back, it’s obvious Liberty has a bad infection. Her white blood count is high. She is also anemic. Carina administers antibiotics and starts Liberty on a diet rich in iron. If her iron drops any lower, she may need an iron infusion.

Liberty continues to fight but she is still very sick. Even so, her caregiver won’t give up. Carina puts her crate in the sunlight, hoping that will help her feel better. She also gives her supplements to boost her immune system.

Liberty continues to fight. With the love and kindness of her rescuer, Carina, Liberty stands a chance.

Since this is a recent rescue, we do not know for sure what the future holds for Liberty. But at least she is no longer on the streets suffering alone.

Let’s pray she makes a total recovery and can live a wonderful life. Can you share this so Liberty gets as many prayers as possible? Thank you, Carina! You’re a wonderful woman!