One of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse and cruelty is making headlines across social media. Roberto Hernandez, a 19-year-old man, has been charged with dousing a live cat with liquid, setting it on fire, then feeding the remains to dogs.

The video is incredibly alarming to watch, but prosecutors say the home security camera captured Hernandez in the heinous act.

Source: Miami CBS 4

The Miami Herald reports that Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Nicole Garcia wrote in a motion filed last week, “He is seen opening the cage, grabbing the burned animal and throwing it to his pit bulls in order to finish killing the animal or to dispose of its remains.”

While prosecutors want the man sentenced to at least 364 days in jail plus five years’ probation, the defense cites his troubled childhood. They seek probation and court-ordered therapy.

Source: Miami CBS 4

The cat suffered excruciating pain and tried to get out while being burned alive. A woman renting a home on the property where the crime occurred stated in a police report, “He was very entertained burning the cat.”

Defense attorneys brought up the man’s rough past and abusive father, which led to him being forced to work on the family farm and drop out of school. Hernandez pleaded guilty to one count of felony animal abuse.

Source: Miami Herald

As of this writing, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Nushin Sayfie sentenced Hernandez to five years of probation, plus 100 hours of community service.