A quaint general store in Homer, Alaska is making international headlines because their resident cat was recently evicted. Fritz Creek General Store, owned and operated by Sean Maryott and Diana Carbonell, is at the center of an animal code violation.

For six years, Stormy the black cat called the general store her home. The precious feline would curl up on a wooden chair in the store, waiting for a customer to say hello and scratch her on the head.

Source: Facebook/Fritz Creek General Store

Sadly, someone reported Stormy’s presence to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Food Safety and Sanitation Program.

In an article for Homer News, it is noted that the Alaska food code, says that food establishment operators shall ensure “live animals are not in the establishment, except for edible fish, crustacea or molluscan shellfish, fish in aquariums, patrol dogs accompanying police officers, or service animals accompanying persons with disabilities.”

Source: Facebook/Fritz Creek General Store

Locals are very unhappy with the cat’s eviction, as she bothered no one and became part of the general store’s charm. Social media has erupted with animal lovers, like one woman who posted, “Can we re-home the customer and not the cat? If it bothers you so much don’t go there, end of story.”

Former employee, Veronica Murphy, wrote on Homer News’ Facebook page, “Its sad to see her go. I worked there. She NEVER went in the kitchen. The kitchen is super clean. Sanitary. She kept mice down & smiles on people’s faces.”

Source: Facebook/Homer News

Stormy will now live with the sister of Sean Maryott, a co-owner of the store.