Jayden is a little boy with special needs, and as such, sometimes he gets overwhelmed by stimuli that may seem normal to others. When this happens, he can have sensory meltdowns that are expressed in what others might think are “tantrums.”

Because Jayden cries and is inconsolable, it makes it difficult for him to relate to others and calm down.

Thankfully, he has a furry best friend that keeps him grounded.

Jayden’s family recently rescued a sweet grey cat they named Kitty. At first, she appeared to be a normal feline — playful, curious, and independent. But then, Kitty showed a completely different (and amazing) side to the family.

Once, when Jayden was having a meltdown, Kitty was miraculously able to give him the emotional support he needed to calm down!

Source: Tonya Denton / Facebook

“We started seeing Kitty always running over to him during breakdowns,” Tonya said via The Dodo. “During his breakdowns, Kitty licks his head until he gets Jayden to calm down. This has been the only way to calm Jayden.”

Source: Tonya Denton / Facebook

In the past, Jayden’s family tried other methods of reaching him when he was overwhelmed, but nothing seemed to work.

Kitty, it seems, was a miracle! When he is distressed, she is able to connect with him. Her natural reaction to Jayden’s fits of crying was exactly what the little boy needed.

Source: Tonya Denton / Facebook

This friendship was simply meant to be.

People might not understand Jayden or what he goes through, but Kitty is able to reach out a loving paw and give him what he needs. Their bond is truly incredible to see.

Source: Tonya Denton / Facebook

The next time someone thinks that cats aren’t loving, generous creatures, they need to see this video of Kitty comforting Jayden. It’s so clear that she loves him and only wants him to be all right.

It’s truly heartwarming.