A woman sat down at her computer, turned on YouTube, and decided to film herself telling her followers all about a first date she recently had. During the video, the woman is seen crying and trying to compose herself in order to explain her story. She expected her fans would be able to relate to her video, but she never anticipated some much need tender love care in the form of a cat.

Source: Lauren Taylor TV/YouTube

As tears flow from the woman’s eyes, her cat must have sensed his owner was sad and she jumped onto her lap and seemed to give her a feline hug! The woman, Lauren Taylor, was so overwhelmed by her cat’s precious act of tenderness that she started crying all over again. She explained to her viewers that her cat never exhibits that sort of behavior to her.

“My heart is going to melt, she never does this,” Lauren shared.

Again and again, the cat nuzzled her body and face next to Lauren and allowed her owner to hold her, snuggle her, and start to feel better. As the tears flowed, the cat looked around and never waivered in her heartfelt devotion to her mama. By the time the woman tries to compose herself and start talking again, she realizes she can’t.

Source: Lauren Taylor TV/YouTube

“Thank you, Boo Boos,” Lauren says as she strokes her cat’s fur. “Thank you.”

Watch this tender moment by pressing play on the video below.