Rescuing a stray animal in need is rarely just about finding it a home. Sometimes, people need to go above and beyond just to save their life.

When an orphaned puppy named Charlie was discovered by a Good Samaritan, he was so badly injured, he had to be rushed to the  Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills.

It wasn’t clear if Charlie would even survive to get the medical attention he desperately needed. He was just a few days old but had a severely injured leg requiring surgery and lots of antibiotics.

After being treated at the emergency vet clinic, Charlie needed some care and feeding at home. Thankfully, a woman named Jenifer Hurt with Mizz Rescue volunteered to take him from the animal hospital.

She was an experienced foster for neonatal kittens and knew she had the abilities to help him recover. “I’ve been bottle and tube feeding him for the past week. The most challenging part was trying to figure out how to care for him and what he needed,” she told Love Meow.

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Such a tiny little peanut

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Charlie needed to be fed every three hours and also given pain medication and antibiotics. It was important that he put on weight so that his body could begin to heal.

After all of the intense home-care Jennifer was able to provide, he gained a full ounce. He then perked up and become more active, so it was time to find him a furry foster mother, too.

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Ugh I could just watch them sleep for hours!!! 😍

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A couple of days after Charlie arrived at the rescue, they took in a litter of newborn kittens and their mother.

After the momma cat passed veterinary examinations, they introduced her to Charlie, hoping she’d show him some affection…

Amazingly, she welcomed him immediately! The surrogate mother showed him love, licking the puppy all over as if he was her own.

She even wrapped him up in her paws as she slept, keeping him close to her body.

After each bottle feeding Charlie received, the calico cat washed his face and body, ensuring he was clean. Then, she let him snuggle in with her feline litter so they could all rest together.

Charlie is on the road to recovery, gaining weight every day and even opening his eyes. The feline foster mom has shown him love, something an injured baby so desperately needs.

It’s no wonder her unconditional love is bringing him back from the brink of death!