A lady named Wendy was walking past a dumpster when she heard strange noises coming from 4 sealed boxes, neatly placed beside the trash can. The sounds seemed like the muffled cries of an animal, so she did some quick thinking and called for help.

When rescuers from Celia Hammond Animal Trust arrived at the spot, they realized that it would be prudent to relocate the boxes to a safe place before opening them up. They punched in air-holes and took the boxes to the animal clinic.

As soon as they arrived at the clinic, they took a butter knife to carefully pierce through the massive tapes, just to make sure that the animals inside were unhurt. One by one, they opened the 4 boxes to find scared, helpless cats, cramped inside like disposables in a prison.

A total of 11 cats, including 9 kittens, were rescued. They seemed relieved at the sight of their rescuers and cuddled up to them. The vets claimed that they would have suffocated to death in a few hours, if not for the timely rescue.

The cats were malnourished and received treatment for fleas. They are currently under the shelter’s care, being prepped up for adoptions. We hope that the people responsible for dumping the cats so cruelly are caught soon.

Click the video below to watch the cats being rescued from the claustrophobia-inducing boxes.