These Two Lhasa Apso dogs think it’s a great idea to tease a cat who is napping by the pool, minding her own business. The duo gang up and approach the cat, and start teasing her with the funniest quips. But the cat is in a mood for a nap, so she lets the dogs’ remarks slide.

Source: Chris Cohen/YouTube

The dogs had every chance to quietly walk away while the cat was still unfettered. But the dogs seem to have a death wish of their own. They keep at it with their sly attempts to poke fun at her. Soon, the cat’s patience wears thin. She resolves to teach her brothers a lesson they will remember forever.

When the dogs are separated for a brief moment, she sees her chance and sends one of the dogs flying into the pool! The other dog becomes a timid wreck once he sees his mate in the pool, and makes a run for it. We know the dogs only meant some harmless fun, but trying to mess with a cat’s precious naptime was definitely not a wise move!

Source: Chris Cohen/YouTube

What makes this video hilariously epic is  the “translation” provided in a thick Cockney British accent. Keep your volume up as you watch this incredibly ridiculous and well-timed translation of the dogs’ banter with the cat! We almost died laughing!

Click the video below to watch how the cat defended her peace and sanctity from the frisky dogs! Make sure you have your volume up for this video!