Cats have always had a special place in the occult sciences because of their heightened senses. Not only are they able to sense a disaster even before it happens, they also manage to stay remarkably calm in the face of any crisis.


Source: Pei-Yu Kuo/The Dodo


In this video from “Cat Café Catchy” in Japan, we see a big bunch of cats napping away in their favorite spots. All of a sudden, the cats sit up with their eyes open wide. Before we know it, some of the cats run from one corner of the room to another, causing a commotion.

However, within seconds we see the reason for the cats’ strange behavior. A solid earthquake hits the area and the entire floor starts shaking violently. But since the cats had already braced themselves for this event, they manage to stay calm and composed during the entire ordeal.


Source: Cat cafe catchy/YouTube


This popular video has amazed many people, as they clearly notice that the cats had started reacting way before the earthquake hit them. Many users also commented about how their cats had displayed similar behavior before natural calamities. Next time we see cats acting all weird, maybe we’ll start bracing ourselves and get to a safe place!

Click the video below to watch the cats’ incredible reaction before the earthquake!