People think that dogs would easily boss over a cat due to their natural size and strength advantage. But sometimes, this animal hierarchy goes for a toss inside the confined space of a house.



Even the biggest cat lovers would admit that cats can be jerks sometimes. So when these dogs get to their beds at the end of a long, exhausting day, they find that their beds have been stolen by their arch nemesis – the cat!

Pet dogs, being as polite as they are, don’t want to risk a fight with the boss cat of the house. So they sit at a distance and longingly look at their beds, maybe even letting out a desperate whine or two in between.



This usually happens when the cat had already been living in the house, and the dog is brought in as a puppy, thus establishing the cat as a senior member of the household.

Some dogs are less of a pushover and try to take their beds back from the cats by force. Unsurprisingly, this aggression has almost no effect on the cats.



Finally, after the cat is bored of the dog, they give them the bed and walk away just like the bosses they are. Some cats even share the bed, and a lick or two, with their canine siblings! How cute!

Click the video below to watch these polite dogs try to get their beds back from their cat siblings.