Cruelty and neglect is an everyday reality for animal rescuers. Donna, who volunteers with Stray Rescue Of St. Louis, has seen it all but it doesn’t make her job any easier. When she came to rescue the dog later named Cobalt, she was horrified to see that his ribs were clearly defined due to starvation. Did he ever have a decent meal?

Cobalt, aptly named for his stunning blue eyes, was tethered to a heavy chain. That chain was attached to his owner’s house. St. Louis isn’t conducive to keeping animals outdoors year-round. How could anyone expect Cobalt to live like this? Starving and exposed to the elements? It doesn’t get much crueler than this!

Donna put some treats on the ground for Cobalt to nosh on. He, of course, devours them. Donna then uses her bolt cutters to try and free Cobalt from the chain.

As she’s putting as much strength into it as possible, a neighbor shouts, “Break the chain!” And Donna yells back, “I am!”

Moments later, Cobalt is free. He’s a friendly and loving dog. Despite all he’s been through, he seems to like humans. Do we even deserve such kindness from a dog like Cobalt?

As soon as he’s in Donna’s vehicle, he rips open a bag of dog food. He just couldn’t contain his hunger. And thanks to Donna and all the volunteers, he’ll never be chained up or hungry again!

Watch the amazing rescue below. We can’t wait to see what happens to Cobalt next. Here’s to a happy life!