Arrow was chained to a dumpster in the blistering heat in Beirut, Lebanon.

Thankfully, a PETA U.K. worker found him, just days after an explosion had devastated the city.

He was starving and had no food or water, and the only shelter he had was a hole that he dug under a metal container for protection from the scorching hot sun.

Although Arrow had been abandoned and treated poorly, he was very sweet and craved human attention.

Rescuers gave him food or water, put him into their car, and immediately brought him to a local animal hospital, where he finally received medical care. While he was under their care, they also neutered him.

It didn’t take long before he found a loving forever home, where he now has three doggy sisters to play with in his new yard.

Arrow has been through so much, but now he has a bright life ahead of him. His future will now be filled with love and happiness!

Watch his rescue in the video below: