PETA received word of a hurt stray who was running away from everyone on a hurt foot that she held up in the air. A fieldworker approached the pup and witnessed her running as fast as that hurt foot would allow. After several rescue attempts, they decided to come back the next day. And that’s when they would have success.

Charley was found sitting on a pile of burned trash inside an old silo. The woman rescuer had to be careful not to spook the dog, so she carefully picked her up to transport her back to the vehicle. They fed the pup and continued on for veterinary care.

It turned out Charley had four broken toes on that foot, so she received treatment and had some painful mats trimmed from her fur. As she recovered, PETA found the perfect forever home for her! Just look at Charley’s life today with a new brother named Fritz. 🙂