For eight long months, Charlie the Mastiff sat in a kennel at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Chula Vista, California. Charlie’s owner passed away and he had no one to adopt him, so he wound up in the animal shelter. At close to 200 pounds and being almost eight years old, everyone passed Charlie by in favor of younger dogs.

“Unfortunately, his owner passed away and there wasn’t anybody in the family that could take him and that’s how he ended up here and I just love him,” said Kathy Zerkle, the Medical Director at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

Source: CBS8

Once a local news crew aired Charlie’s story, potential adopters lined up hoping to be selected as his new owner. One person, in particular, stood out, and that was a man named Tim, who helped Charlie’s previous owner with chores around the house. Tim saw Charlie’s story and knew he wanted to adopt him. Sweet Charlie remembered Tim and the duo picked up right where they left off when they last saw each other.

Since coming back into Tim’s life, Charlie has helped someone else “come out of their shell.” Tim got a tortoise named Tank just a few days before adopting Charlie. The big Mastiff has grown quite fond of Tank and he will sit and watch the tortoise eat and move around. Tim believes it was fate that he, Charlie, and the tortoise are together as a family.

Source: CBS8

“Really when you look back on it and the orchestration of the events that all happened in that one week, it’s just unbelievable,” said Tim. “I mean you know, you really know that there’s a little more going on than what we see.”

We wish this beautiful family all the best!

H/T: CBS 8