A dog named Chase was stuck with a sadistic scum of a human in the name of an owner. For 3 years, the neglected pooch endured the most unspeakable atrocities hurled by her owner. Over time, fear became her only companion and she had a mental breakdown that sealed her fate as a broken dog.

Chase was a terrified, shaking mess when she arrived at an LA shelter. No matter what the workers did, her tattered soul remained trapped in the prison created by her past traumas. She cried and flinched at the sight of humans, and tried biting off every hand that approached to pet her. She wasn’t willing to let humans in again and there was nothing anyone could do to convince her otherwise.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

The bitter truth is that severely abused dogs like Chase have no guaranteed chance at rehabilitation. With newer helpless dogs coming in at the crowded shelter, the heartbroken workers prepared to euthanize Chase and release her from her life of constant mental agony. But on the day she was scheduled to be put down, a little miracle happened.

An animal rescuer named Eldad entered the shelter just when Chase was waiting for her turn at the euthanization table. Eldad couldn’t help but notice her abuse-induced behavior pattern. While the workers told him Chase was an unsalvageable case, Eldad decided to approach the dog and tried winning her trust.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

In this video, we see Chase cowering in the back of her kennel as Eldad reaches out to her. By default, she bares her teeth and tries to scare him off before he “hurts” her. After all, that’s what she had learned from her life with her ex-owner. Her only defense mechanism was to bite the hand before it hurt her.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

However, Eldad sees through Chase’s defenses and approaches her again. His soothing presence works like a charm and Chase lets him put a leash around her. After that, she just melts in her savior’s arms as he successfully pulls her off the kill list and whisks her away. Watch this video till the end to see how Eldad expels the side effects of 3 years worth of abuse in just 3 days! What a miracle worker!

Click the video below to watch Chase letting go of her traumatic past and embracing a new life with her savior!