Stray dogs face many hardships. From finding food to finding shelter, life on the streets is truly heartbreaking. Sadly, if strays are taken in by animal control, their hardships continue. Most shelters are beyond capacity. Animals continue to wait for a forever home in a stressful, loud environment.

Thankfully, this story is about a stray dog who gets a happy ending– all thanks to a very special police department. A police officer from the city of Paita met the sweet dog on the street. He then brought the dog to work. The police department quickly fell in love with him and offered Chato a forever home.

Source: Capy Veterinario/Facebook

“When he arrived at the police station, he found love,” Manuel Capitan Barranzuela, Chato’s veterinarian, told The Dodo.

Chato is just an average adorable dog with no formal training but the police department felt they still had a special job for him to do. Chato helps demonstrate ‘pat-downs’.

Source: Capy Veterinario/Facebook

When given the command, Chato stands up against the wall, stretching his legs up. He then lets the officers do their thing as he patiently waits.

Source: Capy Veterinario/Facebook

To Chato, this is just another way of getting affection since it’s similar to petting, and he sees that it makes the officers happy.

Source: Capy Veterinario/Facebook

In the video, you will see the adorable Chato do his very important job. We are so thankful that the police department took Chato in.

Chato le tocó inspección….

Posted by Capy Veterinario on Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Isn’t this story proof that so many shelter dogs would be excellent on the job? They could be doing so much that makes them happy, in turn making their humans happy! Why spend money on a purebred dog to formally train when you can adopt a dog like Chato?