The world most likely knows Stewart the Corgi as Cheddar, the beloved dog of New York City police Captain Raymond Holt on the hit comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

He was the most loyal and intelligent pup both on and off the show — plus, he brought so many laughs it’s hard to forget his sweet face.

Source: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / YouTube

Recently, though, Stewart finally crossed the rainbow bridge.

Although Cheddar has been portrayed by multiple Corgis during the show, Stewart was the longest-running canine actor to grace the police department of the 99th precinct.

Source: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / YouTube

According to an Instagram post, Stewart peacefully died on a beautiful California beach after a final meal of In-N-Out burgers.

His sister Stella has taken over his role as Cheddar on Brooklyn-Nine-Nine, but he will be missed by loved ones and the cast and crew of the show.

Source: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / YouTube

The 13-year-old pup lived a long, happy life and brought smiles to so many faces. Although it’s sad to see him go, it’s good to know he left the world after spending a peaceful day with his family.

We’ll miss you, Stewart!