A West Valley woman named Chelsea Myer recently got duped into paying hundreds of dollars toward an online puppy sale that never happened. She has now shared the details behind how she got deceived by a seemingly legit puppy seller, and has requested potential buyers to be more vigilant during online transactions with untraceable sources.

Chelsea wanted to get a puppy for her kids before Christmas, so she was naturally interested when an ad for an utterly adorable puppy popped up on one of her social networks. She clicked on the ad and was led to a page where a man was selling a Cavalier Doodle (Cavadoo) litter on a “first-come-first-serve basis”. Chelsea messaged the man and learned that the puppies were selling for $600 each, with $200 being the deposit.

The standard market price for this breed is in the range of $2,000 – $3,000. So when the seller notified that he had just one puppy left unclaimed, Chelsea got tempted and immediately paid the deposit fee to reserve the puppy. She assumed that the seller was “reliable”, and was sure no one would bother tricking people for such a “meager sum”.

However, when the time came for delivering the puppy, the swindler seller never showed up. When Chelsea confronted the man via phone, he blocked her number and eventually got away with the $200. The frustrated woman later reported the fraud to the Surprise Police Department in hopes of preventing others from getting scammed.

As per recommendations made by “Better Business Bureau”, puppy buyers should always visit the pet in person and avoid payment modes that effectively conceal the seller. Appropriate research and reaching out to local shelters are some other ways to ensure prudent puppy transactions. Do pass it along and help people stay alert.

Click the video below to watch how Chelsea had a bitter experience with the online puppy sale.

h/t FOX 10 Phoenix