A stray puppy was found screaming in pain from a crushed leg on a dusty roadside. People would come and pity her, but no one knew how to help her. After lying helpless for many hours, someone called Animal Aid Unlimited for help.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube


When the rescuers arrived, they panicked to see the completely thrashed leg of the puppy. All the bones and muscles of that leg were crushed to a pulp. Without wasting any time, they took her to the hospital.

The puppy was named Cherry and her wounds were bandaged and cared for. But the leg was too badly injured and there was no way it could have been saved, so they proceeded to do the inevitable. Cherry was taken into surgery and her damaged leg was amputated.


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube


After going through an intensive rehabilitation period, Cherry recovered and started showing some personality. Soon, her wounds were completely healed and she turned into a playful little pup, even on three legs!


Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube


Cherry’s agonizing wounds and her scary surgery process might be unsettling for some people to see. However, AAU seeks to educate people with the truth about the harsh situation of strays all around the world. We hope this video helps to spread this awareness.

Click the video below to watch Cherry’s heartbreaking story of hurt and her subsequent recovery.