A dog park designed to unite a community and provide dogs a safe place to congregate and play is being dismantled due to a divided community. The village board in Chevy Chase, Maryland, voted 5 to 2 to disestablish the dog park which will become an area for leashed dogs instead.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves!” someone from the crowd yelled before leading people out of the meeting.

Neighbors near the park complained about barking dogs, cars parked in front of their homes, and careless people. After The Washington Post published a story about the arguing and divisions, tensions grew even more.

Some dog owners shared the address of the dog park on Reddit and asked people to get involved. When the board finally met to decide on the fate of the location, they had over 110 letters, lists, journals, and analyses of canine bowel movements.

Judi Dash, a local resident wearing a “Make Woof Not War” shirt shared, “The dogs are voices of living beings. The nice people who live behind me [do carpentry] in the summer, spring and fall. It’s really loud. Should I tell him to hammer less?”