Sometimes a dog that refuses to stop barking can be an annoyance, but in other cases, a barking dog turns out to be a hero. The Hernandez family of Hacienda Heights, California, are thanking Chewbacca for saving their lives.

While the several family members who lived on the 1500 block of Farmstead Avenue slept, Chewbacca the dog raised a ruckus.

Source: KTLA 5 News

“He stopped at the door and was barking his little head off, and then I smelled some smoke,” Alicia Hernandez told KTLA5 News.

The family’s home was engulfed in flames, and the smoke grew very heavy before they all managed to safely escape.

Christopher Fenner of the Los Angeles County Fire Department told KTLA 5 News, “They were very, very fortunate. With the amount of fire … they were very lucky to get out.”

Source: KTLA 5 News

Investigators think that a power strip malfunction caused the blaze. The family recently purchased new smoke alarms but they were not yet installed.

Thank goodness for their dog who helped get them all out alive.