A woman in Chicago, Illinois brought a sweet little dog into her life for companionship and joy. With the pandemic sweeping the world, the unidentified woman chose to remain anonymous in telling her tale. She was out walking with her new two-month-old puppy named Blue when she was attacked and Blue was stolen from her arms.

The 40-year-old lady was walking Blue around 9 pm when a fight ensued. Two people approached her, cut her, and ripped Blue away from her. She had no idea she had been cut until the suspects took off with her dog. She reported being thrown against the wall, the dog being taken, and she was left with blood oozing down her arm.

Source: ABC7

“She went to try to pick him up, and I hurried up and snatched him up and had him in my arm like this, and she was grabbing the legs” the victim stated. “Both of us pulling and I’m trying to hit her like this and the guy had knocked me up against the gate.”

She tried to chase the duo but they were too fast and she felt burning down her arm. At this point, she realized she was stabbed. She was taken to a hospital, received 10 stitches, and hoped for the safe return of her precious dog, whom she considers her son. Incredibly, the police reunited the woman with her dog. We wish Blue and his mom all the best.

Source: ABC7

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