A Chihuahua named “Chicago” had the perfect life, or so he thought. For all 16 years of his existence, his life revolved around his owner who he loved so dearly. The poor thing had no idea that his owner was secretly resenting him for not being a sprightly and healthy puppy anymore.


Source: Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue CMDR/Facebook


As Chicago started “wanting to rest more”, his cold-blooded owner drove him to the vet’s and left him there to be euthanized. Chicago’s happy life changed overnight, as the poor old dog kept waiting for his owner to come back. The vet who was about to put him down was moved by the hurt and betrayal in Chicago’s eyes.

The vet couldn’t bring himself to kill Chicago and decided to look for rescues that would help this old pooch. “Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue” eventually came forward to take Chicago under their care. They have placed him under the care of foster mom Anastasia Alworth. Anastasia’s eyes overflow with tears as she thinks about Chicago’s unfair plight after all the years of loving his family.


Source: Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue CMDR/Facebook


Unfortunately, the dumping of dogs when they get older is not uncommon at all. Many people like having young and active dogs around, but turn their backs when the dogs get older and need extra care. If you wish to help Chicago in the twilight years of his life, do contact the shelter on their Facebook page. Let’s spread the word and help get this old boy a cozy forever home to rest in.

Click the video below to watch the charming Chicago out on a walk with his foster mom.