The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has nearly shut down the world, including schools and non-essential stores, forcing people to work from home and stay in quarantine.

Those who are staying home have become very resourceful, finding ways to get things they want or need, while still avoiding the virus.

Most food shops and restaurants remain open for take-out and delivery, including the little store across the street from Antonio Munoz, who resides in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

He was really craving Cheetos, but didn’t want to risk catching the virus by going out to the store, so he devised a genius plan.

He tied a note to his dog’s collar and sent him on his way to the store. Since the store is right across the street, Munoz was able to keep his eye on Chokis the entire time.

The note read: Hello sir of the store, can you sell my dog some orange Cheetos, not the red because they sting. $20 is on his collar. If you don’t take good care of my dog, he will bite. From, the neighbor across the street.”

Chokis carefully walked across the street and greeted the store owner. Munoz then captured Chokis walking back with a bag of Cheetos in his mouth. What a good pup!